Simon can perform AMAZING Mentalism and Magic for any audience both large and small!

Simon has performed CORPORATE MAGIC at Trade Shows and Conventions and Sales Meetings for over 100,000 guests or more.


Simon produces special effects and shows for Large audiences with 500-50,000 guests for a Magic Stage Illusion Production Show.

See how Simon LOVES to perform Las Vegas  style strolling close up magic!

See how Simon LOVES entertaining your Special VIP guests at smaller, more intimate private parties.

Simon's newest Mentalist book! Mind reading secrets revealed to the public

Simon's newest Mentalist MAGIC book! Mind reading secrets revealed to the public. Las Vegas MAGICIAN & MENTALIST Simon Winthrop "Entertainer to the Stars" teaches tricks he performs on stage and reveals secrets of the trade.

Did you know Simon is an expert speaker and memory coach? He teaches training courses on how to improve your memory and how to UNLOCK  your Minds FULL Potential. Its time to maximize your brains full and talented potential . Simon presents this seminar to the cream of the crop of the Fortune 500 companies.

Here are some quotes:


The clients you spoke to are amongst The top 40% in the most competitive real estate marketplace in the USA , if not the globe.

Your presentation was challenging, amazing, dynamic and interactive. I have had many emails and calls from those who attended last month tell me how special and valuable your presentation to us was. Thanks again so very much for your enlightening and unforgettable presentation. You have given some of our top agents the additional ammunition they need to stay on the top of our industry".

Simon teaches his Secret memory tricks for the first time to the Public in his latest Mentalist book called How to be a Mentalist!

Have Simon present his seminar on memory training, hypnosis, persuasion, technology, mentalism and magic LIVE at your next special event or seminar.

Seminars range from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Simon can keep GOING!

Have you ever done business with someone and then 2 months later run into that same person  at the mall or at your favorite restaurant and avoided going over to say hello because you couldn’t recall their name?

When was the last time you left a convention or business meeting excited with the new knowledge you had just gained only to realize 3 months later that you could only remember the information if you looked at your notes? and Even then YOU HAD NO IDEA what you were SO EXCITED ABOUT?!

When was the last time that five seconds after being introduced to someone you couldn’t recall that person’s name? The name they JUST told you!

For most, these situations are really embarrassing and quite familiar. They can hurt your ability to reach your full potential. When you don’t recall a name, you lose a great chance to connect,build rapport and a future business relationship. When you spend thousands of dollars and many hours of your life at a meeting or conference and you can’t recall the details later, you are wasting your companies and your  valuable time and money and the missed opportunities.

at the times you fail to remember people you meet again, you lose more than a brief conversation. You lose the opportunity to show that person they are truly someone special, unique and important to you. You lose the ability to build a special friendship and even get future business. And, most important, you miss out on future relationships and business referrals.

The GREAT news is that Simon can help you prevent these things from occurring to you ! And the best part is it will be FUN! Book Simon for your next meeting or conference/ tradeshow and he will memorize your guests names as quickly as possible and he will teach you immediate memory tricks and techniques you will be able to present moments after the conference is over and REMEMBER for a LIFETIME. Simon will teach you how to PRETEND to use your MIND reading abilities to do the things that people see the character Patrick Jane do on the tv special "The Mentalist".

Simon will teach you how to apply these REALLY easy to learn techniques towards enhancing your life and business.

MEMORY EXPERT, TRAINING in MEMORY , with Simon Winthrop renowned expert on memory. Simon's own memory abilities have astounded and amazed audiences everywhere. Simon quickly memorizes the name of the guests in his audience and recites their names blindfolded just moments later. Simon performs feats of memory that can compete with a computer (sort of). He reads GOOGLES MIND!

Parents and educators want to help their children have better memories and not just to clean their room or to remember something on a test or  something on their to do list. Your memory recalls all of your life experiences. Simon just shows you special techniques he has spent thousands of hours sifting thru to deliver to you the best. So expect to discuss tricks and  basic ideas you can do for yourself and others that will help anyone to improve their memory.

Simon is based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and Miami and has been flown around the world to give memory seminars in countries such as Singapore, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Finland,Thailand, United Kingdom,Puerto Rico, Russia, Malaysia, Canada, Sweden,The Bahamas,  and Belgium.


Consider Simon for your next corporate event. Whether it is a full-effects stage show or you'd like Simon to interact with your guests in a party atmosphere, he is in his element in either situation.

Corporate Meeting Entertainment
Kick off or close your upcoming training session with fun and explosive high-energy comedy magic! Simon's shows integrate your important themes and messaging into exciting and hilarious magic! Whether your focus is teamwork, motivation, inspiration, creativity, or any other vital message for your team, Simon can create custom scripted entertainment to make your meeting extremely memorable and great fun!

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Mentalist, Magician, memory expert and Speaker Simon Winthrop offers many customized programs for corporate entertainment and motivational keynote speaker programs. Simon Winthrop has over 20 years of experience in corporate entertainment! We can also suggest corporate event services such as local talent, celebrity talent, event production, and special effects ideas.

Booking a corporate entertainer for an event can be easy. Companies are selective when hiring entertainers and speakers. Their programs must always be clean, in good taste, and appeal to a diverse audience. That’s why we encourage potential clients to review the countless testimonials by Presidents and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies who have all witnessed firsthand the success of Simon Winthrop's comedy magic and mind reading show and Speaking seminars.

Simon Winthrop also performs in the following cities and many other cities and countries around the world.

Los Angeles, New York, London , Thailand , Honk Kong, Macau, Finland,Sweden, Greece